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Vision and mission

The Centre for Biomedical Research of the Canary Islands (Cibican) is the result of the collaboration between the University of La Laguna (ULL), the Insular Council of Tenerife and the Canary Regional Government. It is aimed at further developing the international profile of its Biomedical and Health Sciences research groups, as the core centre for biomedical and biotechnological-based research of the ULL and the Canary Islands. Cibican has integrated the research groups associated with the specialist ULL university institutes and the clinical research units of the ULL associated hospitals bringing together the appropriate resources, scientific equipment and knowledge base to accelerate biomedical discoveries and their application in the promotion of health.

The goal of Cibican is to become a health science centre with international recognition in high quality translational research, and the leading regional institution, first, in the study of chronic and age-related diseases affecting the quality of life, and genetic-based and rare diseases; second, in generating biomedical innovation by the effective integration of research on medicinal chemistry with that of human biology at molecular, cellular, systemic and organism levels; and third, in promoting health by developing high quality research on health services and other issues directly related to social needs.

Our mission is to combine interdisciplinary approaches from basic biomedicine, medicinal chemistry and clinical research to develop new approaches towards the transference of health knowledge to the industry and societal end users. To achieve our vision we will:

(a) Increase the critical mass of high level scientists within our programmes
(b) Improve the effectiveness of management and the definition of our research agenda
(c) Further integrate related fields through the reinforcement of complementary research and technical skills
(d) Establish an effective procedure to attract excellent researchers and maintain a high rate of qualified human resources
(e) Increase our level of international visibility and both scientific and industrial connectivity; (f) develop skills to play a dynamic role in the regional innovation system
(g) Reach a reasonable level of funding stability and operating conditions over time
(h) Attract financial sources which are not solely dependent over time on public funding. To reach these aims, we need to combine approaches at European and international levels. Furthermore, since surrounding conditions change over time, the concept of sustainable evolution and dynamic adaptations to new challenges must be imprinted into the “genome” of Cibican to maintain a high rate of successful growth and development.

Cibican has been recently funded by the Spanish Institute of Health and by the Insular Council of Tenerife (ADE-210/00046; 8,030,000; 2012-2015), to build their main core infrastructures. On September 2012, the ULL has already signed a grant agreement from the European Commission within the FPT-REGPOT Programme (FP7-REGPOT-2012-CT2012-316137-IMBRAIN; 4,158,874 €; 2013-2015), to unlock and develop its research and innovation potential through several actions in partner collaboration with a selection of European biomedical centres (see IMBRAIN project). By means of these two funded actions, CIBICAN is in the best position to reach their aims and to become a leading centre in biomedical research and innovation for the next years.

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