Cybersegurity and Data Intelligence

Engineering and Arquitecture

This Master's proposal is a possible continuation for those students who have completed the Degree in Computer Engineering. In addition, it will be taught in a semi-presential form, favoring that those computer scientists who are in the exercise of the profession could be updated, thus making compatible the Master with their work situation. A 50% attendance will be required to guarantee the face-to-face execution of assessment practices and activities.

General information

  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Methodology: Semi classroom-based
  • Academic direction:
  • The students will specialize in cyber security and data science, so that they will acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to use big data technologies through advanced statistical techniques and automatic learning methods that will allow them to defend ICT infrastructures.
  • The Master's Degree in Cybersecurity and Data Intelligence aims to help meet the growing needs of qualified personnel in cybersecurity and data intelligence. The students will be able to develop their work in any type of company using the most used security and intelligence tools in the industry.
  • (Security Auditor and Data Scientist) The students will be able to adequately propose consulting projects / security audits as well as their implementation plan. You will know the steps to follow and will have the necessary capacity to adapt / make them flexible depending on the type of organization targeted.
    • Being able to apply the knowledge acquired to solve problems in new or little-known environments within contexts related to computer security or data intelligence.
    • Integrate knowledge to formulate judgments based on concrete information, and at the same time, include reflections on the social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of that knowledge and judgments regarding computer security advice.
    • Maintain an attitude of permanent updating, which allows them to study autonomously through continuous training in their future professional performance as experts in computer security and data intelligence.
    • Design and prepare professional intervention plans or research projects related to the computer security environment, and implement and develop them using the appropriate methods and processes.
    • Acquire the Master`s degree of specialization necessary to exercise the professional functions of expert in computer security and data intelligence, within ICT entities.
    • Evaluate the necessary resources, plan and organize the activities, without forgetting the continuous review of the process that involves computer security and data intelligence.
    • Develop teamwork and communication skills to maintain relationships with other professionals and relevant organizations.
    • Have the analytical and resolution capacity to deal with real problems in accordance with ethical and social values ​ and with the utmost respect for current legislation.
    • Properly manage information related to the computer security sector, taking into account current legislation, standards, certifications, internal documents, etc.
    • Design, evaluate and monitor a data intelligence project.

  • This Master's Degree is mainly, but not only, for students coming from careers with a scientific-technical profile: ICT Engineering, such as Computer Telecommunications, and related degrees, such as Mathematics and Statistics.
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