Human Resources Administration

Social and Legal Sciences

The Master reinforces the ability to plan and elaborate efficient strategies for managing human resources in accordance with the general objectives of the organisation that can anticipate future movements

General information

  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Methodology: Classroom-based
  • Place:
    • Faculty of Law
  • Academic direction:
  • Formulating and rolling out industrial or labour relations management initiatives
  • The analysis of human capital management policies
  • The design, implementation and assessment of people management practises
  • Administering people in both public and private organisations
  • Train the new generations of analysts and professionals in technical specialisation and management in areas associated with managing human capital in its multiple facets; i.e:
  • The student who has passed the Master's Degree in Human Resources Management will have acquired the knowledge and skills that enable them to recruit, select and organize the human teams that are part of a company, which will allow him to occupy positions of responsibility in technical and managerial areas in human resources departments or consultancies. The graduate of this master's degree will therefore be a graduate with specialized and advanced training with professional qualification and skills
    General skills
    • Develop the abilities and methods of applied research in the field of the strategic administration of human resources
    • Formulate value judgement on business strategy linked to their application in the strategy of the human resources function
    • Communicate know-how, theoretical reasoning and conclusions to specialist and non-specialist audiences clearly and unambiguously
    • Formulate judgements from the available data, including reflections on the social and ethical responsibilities associated with applying this know-how

    Especific skills
    • Identify important problems with the strategic management of human resources
    • Direct human resources systems and policies, in a framework that guarantees business competitiveness, maximum capacity building and the deployment of people’s potential, and safeguarding the rights of the different players involved
    • Apply the relevant theories in the field of the strategic administration of human resources and apply them to the study of specific problems relating to this field of study
    • Conduct a research study into the administration of human resources in accordance with the substantive principles of academic research
    • Apply the right to a job and labour legislation to decision-making in the management and administration of people
    • Apply the principles and policies of diversity management in the administration of human resources
    • Understand the implications of inter-dependency between organisations and legal-constitutional contexts
    • Analyse the process of decision-making regarding human resource policies
    • Analyse problems in the areas of human resource management policies using scientific methods
    • Elaborate the area’s own rules in the area of human resource management
    • Mange the information required for a master’s project in human resources (strategic administration, policy management or international administration
    • Apply the different socio-labour assessment and auditing techniques
    • Manage labour information and documentation and socio-economic data and indicators concerning the labour market
    • Elaborate a regulatory company framework of employment policies and supplementary social protection
    • Apply the legal framework that regulates labour relations in Spain and Europe
    • Manage legal information and documentation and data and indicators concerning the administration of human resources in the Public Administrations

Aimed at students interested in specialising in the formation and professional capacity building in the framework of organisations and companies in general, and for the area of human resources in particular, and in the specific formation of the administration of their human capital, enabling the company to orient its business activities towards achieving the company’s objectives from a position of clear competitive edge
  • The Master is aimed preferably at Graduates in Law, Labour Relations, Business Administration, Economics and Accounting and Finance, but access is also open to other graduates (RD 1393/2007, Article 16), preferably students who cover aspects relating to the field of labour relations and the job market. The compulsory or recommended pre-requisites for the different Master subjects are available in the guide
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