Logic and Philosophy of Science (Joint degree)

Arts and Humanities

This is an inter-university Master programme offered in a total of 6 universities. More information on the master programme is available on the University of Salamanca web site

General information

  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Methodology: Semi-classroom based
  • Place:
    • Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Salamanca
    • Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Santiago de Compostela
    • Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the University of Valladolid
    • Faculty of Humanities, Philosophy Section of the University of La Laguna
    • Faculty of Philosophy of A Coruña
    • Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences of the University of Valencia
  • Academic direction:
  • Researchers and teachers in the area of Logic and Philosophy of Science. Experts in logic, analysis and assessment of science and technology
    General skills
    • To have and understand the knowledge that will provide a base for or an opportunity to be original in developing and/or applying ideas, often in a research context
    • Know how to apply the knowledge acquired and your capacity to solve problems in new or little-known areas within broader (or multi-disciplinary) contexts relating to the area of study
    • Know how to communicate your conclusions and the final knowledge and reasons on which they are founded to specialist and non-specialist audiences clearly and unambiguously
    • Be able to create complete, legible and technically correct documentations. Carry out research work that is up to the current international standard of these disciplines

    Specific skills
    • Be able to identify traditional and current knowledge proposed in the area of Logic and Philosophy of Science and their different schools of thoughts and traditions

Our students will probably be:
  • Graduates in Philosophy
  • Graduates in the area of natural sciences, mathematics or computer sciences
  • Graduates in the area of social sciences and philology
  • Students must be able to read philosophical and scientific texts correctly at least in Spanish and English
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