Tourism Management and Planning

Social and Legal Sciences

The Master in Tourist Management and Planning forms part of the new post-graduate studies, pursuant to the guidelines for developing the European Higher Education Space. This Master offers the chance to access specialist training aimed at professional activity and research in Tourism. Obtaining the qualification offers access to the PhD in Tourism programme. The teachers taking part in this Master are part of different research groups of the University of La Laguna, with both teaching and research experience in the field of Tourism. The programme also has outside teachers who provide the Master with their experience

General information

  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Methodology: Classroom-based
  • Type: Inter-departmental
  • Academic direction:
  • Be able to plan tourist activities and destinations, taking the socio-economic and environmental situation into consideration
  • Be able to direct and manage tourist companies, activities or organisations
  • This is a master that specialises students in professional practise and research with a clearly multi-disciplinary profile. We train professionals ready to take decisions in jobs of responsibility in destination management companies, activities and institutions, capable of meeting the requirements of sustainability, diversification and quality of tourist markets. Graduates of this master will be sufficiently trained to apply methods, instruments and practises for the development and efficient management of tourist activities. Furthermore, they will have the know-how to facilitate the incorporation of technological solutions in managing tourist establishments, activities and destinations
    General skills
    • Apply the knowledge acquired and their problem-solving capacity in new or little-known areas within broader (or multi-disciplinary) contexts relating to the area of study
    • Direct and manage tourist companies, activities or organisations
    • Plan tourist activities and destinations, based on the socio-economic and environmental situation

    Especific skills
    • To use their knowledge of the characteristics and trends of tourist supply and demand in the analysis of specific destinations
    • Apply advanced statistical techniques and socio-qualitative research techniques to draft reports on the tourist system
    • Plan, co-ordinate and support the decision-making process in companies and institutions associated with the tourist industry
    • Analyse the sustainability of a destination from existing indicators and tools, integrating the economic, socio-cultural and environmental perspectives
    • Propose actions to help enhance the sustainability of the destination
    • Apply the knowledge acquired in companies and institutions associated with the tourist industry
    • Apply the techniques of economic-financial management for tourist exploitation
    • Apply the know-how and methodological procedures and techniques for conducting an innovative research project or innovative business plan in tourism
    • Analyse the impact of public planning and management policies
    • Apply know-how to create new tourist products, appraising the innovation in the technical and organisational processes, along with trying to strike a balance in the tourist destination

  • Graduates in Tourism; graduates in Tourism, Business Administration, Business Studies, Economics, Law, Geography or Sociology from Spanish universities wishing to complete their training by specialising in the area of tourism. Also graduates in other fields wishing to re-orient their training and professional specialisation towards the area of tourism. Other graduates wishing to improve their training in or towards the field of tourism. The previous knowledge required is the knowledge taught in the ULL Bachelor’s degree in Tourism
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