Art History

Arts and Humanities

General information

  • 240 ECTS
  • 4 years
  • The degree in History of Art is designed to prepare professionals to work in domains relating to research in and the teaching of the art history; the protection, management, promotion and documentation of the historical-artistic heritage and cultural management. Graduates holding a degree in History of Art may practice as either self-employed professionals or as employees in public or private institutions forming part of either mono-disciplinary or multi-disciplinary teams
  • Protection and management of artistic and historic cultural heritage within an institution or company: cataloging collections of monuments, urban planning, technical assessment and historic-artistic rulings, running programs, human resources
  • Conservation, display and sale of works of art: museums, arts and cultural centres, audiovisual archives (photographic libraries, film libraries, etc.), auctions and appraisals, antiques and evaluations, arts curator
  • Diffusion of artisitc heritage: performance, cultural tourism, educational programs
  • Research: university, scientific institutions, art and trades schools, tourism schools, design school
  • Production, documentation and diffusion of content pertaining to the discipline of art history: specialised work in publishing companies, advertising agencies, the mass media, and new audiovisual technologies and digital support
Students wishing to undertake this degree must show an interest in the workings of the art world and the art market, and how to handle current and future challenges in the field using entirely professional criteria
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