Grade in History

Arts and Humanities

General information

  • 240 ECTS
  • 4 years
  • The degree in History is designed to teach students how to reach a rational and critical understanding of human history, to enable them to understand the present, and make it understandable to others. To such an end, students must achieve a basic understanding of history's main events, the changes that have taken place and the processes of continuity, from a diachronic perspective, which have been in place since pre-history to the present day. Moreover, they must attain a basic knowledge of the main methods, techniques and instruments used for analysing history, along with the most relevant concepts, categories, theories and topics that exist in the different lines of historical research
  • Research activities in History and Archaeology
  • Activities related to the management of cultural heritage, archaeology, and documentation
  • Activities related to museums, libraries and archive services
  • Activities related to cultural management and diffusion
  • Activities related to the study of social phenomena, and fields in which our graduates have found their way into
    General Skills

    Students wishing to undertake this degree must show an interest in:
    • Improving language skills, both verbal and written, so as to better understand historic issues and improve the comparative analysis and focus of future research making it more critical and ambitious in nature
    • Improving observation skills, analytical skills, and the ability to explain historic events and the changes in events currently taking place
    • The social dynamics of modern life, politics and international relations
    • The past and human evolution
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