General information

  • 240 ECTS
  • 4 years
  • Prepare for subsequent specialised studies, both in a mathematical discipline as well as in any of the sciences that require a solid mathematical foundation
  • Train for the use of the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired to define and model problems and in the search for solutions both in academic and professional contexts
  • Develop analytical and abstraction abilities, intuition and logical and rigorous thinking through the study of Mathematics
  • Recognise the presence of underlying Mathematics in Nature, Science, Technology and Art and to recognise Mathematics as part and parcel of Education and Culture
  • Know the nature, methods and aims of the different fields of Mathematics together with a historical perspective of its development
  • El ámbito de trabajo mayoritario se encontrará en los centros asistenciales, tanto públicos como privados y tanto de atención primaria como especializada y hospitalaria.
  • Actualmente, las especialidades de la fisioterapia se llevan a cabo mediante másteres vinculados en general a especialidades médicas: traumatología y ortopedia; neurología; reumatología; geriatría; cardio-respiratoria; uro-ginecología; deportiva; pediatría; circulatoria;…
  • El/la fisioterapeuta, de acuerdo con sus funciones básicas, puede desarrollar la tarea profesional en:

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