Social Work

Social and Legal Sciences

General information

  • 240 ECTS
  • 4 years
  • Contribute to the formulation, implementation and assessment of social policies and initiatives that will generate equal opportunities for all citizens
  • Promote mediation, gender equality and functional diversity, inter-cultural dialogue as a means for the mutual enrichment of people and communities
  • Raise awareness in people so that they participate and commit to promoting the social welfare of their communities
  • Mobilise and help people, groups and communities to empower themselves in order to increase their assertive skills and strategies in facing and dealing with their problems
  • Work with people and organisations to generate changes in structural conditions by enhancing equal opportunities, applying Human Rights values and the culture of peace
  • Foster the incorporation of the socially excluded, vulnerable and those at risk into full citizenship
  • Help active grass-roots citizens by reinforcing and guaranteeing human and civil rights
  • Work to protect people, especially those that are not in a condition to do so themselves
  • Help people to reinforce the abilities that enable them to resolve individual and collective social problems
  • Social Worker
    General Skills
    • Ability to analyse and synthesise
    • Ability to organise and plan
    • Oral and written communication in Spanish
    • Working knowledge of English
    • Working knowledge of I.T. in the field of study
    • I.T. management skills
    • Problem solving
    • Decision making
    • Interdisciplinary team work
    • Working in an international context
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Recognise diversity and multi-culturalism
    • Critical reasoning
    • Ethical commitment
    • Learning on your own
    • Adaptation to new situations
    • Creativity
    • Leadership
    • Initiative and enterprising spirit
    • Motivated by quality
    • Sensitivity towards environmental issues

    Main specific skills
    • Intervene with people, families, groups, organisations and communities to help them to take well-founded decisions about their needs, circumstances, risks, preferred options and resources
    • Interact with people, families, groups, organisations and communities for change, promote their development and improve living conditions by using Social Work methods and models, monitoring the changes that occur regularly in order to prepare the end of the intervention
    • Prepare, produce, implement and assess intervention plans with the people the service is aimed at, colleagues and other professionals, negotiating the provision of services that are to be used and reviewing the efficacy of the intervention plans with the people involved, in order to adapt them to changing needs and circumstances
    • Support networking to cover needs
    • Promote the growth, development and independence of people by identifying opportunities to form and create groups, using group dynamics and programming for individual growth and for strengthening interpersonal skills
    • Work on behaviour that is a risk for people, identifying and assessing the situations and circumstances that comprise this behaviour and prepare strategies for modifying it
    • Analyse and create a system for the information provided by everyday work as a support for reviewing and improving the professional strategies that must respond to emerging social situations
    • Use mediation as an intervention strategy aimed at an alternative form of conflict resolution
    • Design, implement and assess social intervention projects
    • Prepare and participate in decision-making meetings to better defend the interests of people, families, groups, organisations and communities

Individuals interested in studying for our degree in Social Work must:
  • Be creative
  • Be willing to work as part of a team
  • Be emotionally stable
  • Have good interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrate curiosity and interest in social issues
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