Accommodation Service

The Accommodation Service of the Universidad de La Laguna is the umbrella under which a range of other services belonging to the University fall. These services exist to provide decent affordable housing so that that any student suffering financial hardship may still access and pursue a university education. This strategy outlines how our budget, human resources and other resources are managed. The strategic goal of the service is to provide social, territorial and cultural cohesion through continued professional management so that the services delivered meet the needs of our users fully and effectively. We aim to ensure their health, wellbeing, safety, and the hygiene of our facilities so that we deserve the trust placed in us by the University community, by families, and by society at large. Furthermore, we aim to ensure that when trying to respond to social needs we respect the laws governing entry criteria and continued occupancy in centres that are publicly funded.

Section Managers

Student Services & General Admin
Fermín Martín Izquierdo

Services available to users

  • Reception Desks: These can be found in Residencia Universitaria (RU), Parque de las Islas and in the halls of residence Colegio Mayor Santa María and Colegio Mayor San Fernando. Staff will offer immediate assistance and answer your queries, or they will redirect you to the service/s you need to contact. Opening times (morning - afternoon).
  • Dining Rooms: lunches and dinners are provided in the halls of residence, or Colegios Mayores (CM), during term. Serving times are adapted to best fit the academic timetable, however individuals may reserve their lunches or dinners at a specific time if their own timetable is incompatible with serving times. Likewise, to ensure we provide healthy and balanced diets, individuals who have special dietary requirements for any of the following reasons may place requests for special meals: being vegetarian, suffering a medically recognised health problem, on religious grounds, or other justifiable reasons.
  • Availability of resources and communal spaces that can be reserved for authorised purposes.
  • Spaces and resources: provision of resources and loans of items, e.g. computer rooms, study rooms or the library, audiovisual room, office, gym, Wi-Fi, spaces for cultural activities or laundry rooms.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services: the centres and halls of residence cleaning services include rooms and common areas. The maintenance service performs regular inspections and any necessary repairs in common areas to ensure they are always in full working order.
  • Likewise, users can find up-to-date information on available rooms and boarding on the ULL website together with the regulatory guidelines that govern the service.
  • Administration: personalised attention and advice. There is a walk-in service available, or you can also contact us by phone or email during office hours (morning). This service also handles the processing and tracking of applications of an administrative or economic nature (calls to allocate places and the processes for awarding places, annual study grants application process, and the payment of fees or other sums related to the user).