Admissions Office

The Admissions Office is charged with the coordination and management of procedures and actions relating to university access: standard university entrance exams (EBAU), and entrance exams for mature students (individuals aged over 25, 40 & 45 years old). In collaboration with centres that offer compulsory secondary education, it coordinates and manages the preenrolment process and formal registration process for the EBAU university entrance exams, and liaises directly with students who wish to sit other types of entrance exams. This office is here to support the University’s and its commitment to addressing the higher education needs of society in line with the objectives set forth by the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Section Managers

Head of Admissions Office
Luzdivina Andrés Herrero

Services available to users

  • We respond to and processes requests from users relating to the processes managed by the Office, across its different channels of communication.
  • We manage the resolution of refunds for university entrance exam fees.
  • We manage the transfer of academic records for students who having sat the entrance exams for the Universidad de La Laguna obtain a place at another Spanish university.
  • We oversee and issue official academic certificates pertaining to the results of the university entrance exams (EBAU, mature applicants aged over 25, 40 & 45 years old) for those commencing study.
  • We track university entrance exam grading.
  • We manage and coordinate university entrance exams.
  • We process information and registrations for university entrance exams.
  • We offer support to users and ULL units involved in university access.
  • We provide advice and guidance for pre-university students (EBAU, mature applicants aged over 25, 40 & 45 years old).
  • We provide information on processes relating to accessing the University (EBAU entrance exams, mature students aged over 25, 40 & 45 years old).