Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries Office

The Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries Office of the Universidad de La Laguna is responsible for managing all administrative tasks related to all scholarships, grants and bursaries that are publicly announced by the Ministry of Education and which fall under their competence. This is a streamlined and efficient service and its task is twofold: firstly, to help address and alleviate social & economic problems, or equally any problems arising as a direct result of a disability that could negatively impact on educational opportunities; and secondly, to foster practical training, and national, international & professional mobility. It also aims to serve as an instrument that guarantees equality and equal opportunities amongst university students.

Section Managers

Responsable del servicio
Emilio Afonso Rodríguez

Services available to users

  • Management and administrative processing of grants.
  • Resources: computers are made available so that students can resolve any doubts they may have when completing grant applications, check on the progress of their application and receive a status update, book appointments, and have online access to all paperwork required in the application process.
  • Appointments: users can book appointments online for face-to- face consultations and select the date and time that best suits their schedule. Similarly, users can also request information or receive specialist advice regarding some of our grants.
  • Customer service and information: the office provides information and advice via face-to- face appointments, telephone consultations, and in writing via email or social media to users about how to apply for a grant or for the SICUE-SENECA mobility program. It can confirm application dates, and process appeals or the formal acceptance of offers. It also sends out a regular newsletter containing information on grants, financial aid, bursaries, and awards that may be of interest to users. This newsletter is sent out via email, but it can also be found online under the Grants section of the ULL website.