Sports Service

The Sports Service of the Universidad de La Laguna organises practical and educational physical and sporting activities for the University community and for wider society. We encourage participation and adapt what’s on offer to meet demands from the different fields of physical activity and sports so as to provide a holistic education and contribute towards people’s wellbeing. We have become a benchmark in sports management in the Canary Islands, and have consolidated the quality of our physical and sporting programs in all fields by having dedicated resources towards modernizing and improving our facilities. This has enabled us to continue the search for excellence in the services we provide to the University and to the community.

Section Managers

Section Managers
T. Begoña López Rodríguez

Services available to users

  • Acupuncture & Physiotherapy: specialised service aimed at improving health and a complement to physical activity.
  • Competitions: internal competitions, the Rector’s Trophy and Spanish university championships.
  • Training Courses: practical and theoretical courses and training courses relating to sports and healthy lifestyles.
  • Leasing spaces and equipment: specific areas and equipment can be leased for use by individuals or groups depending on availability. Requests must be made in person at the Sports Service office.
  • Booking Facilities: different spaces for practising sports can be booked online.
  • Sporting Activities: more than 30 different activities, including your everyday sports as well as federated sports. There are those for connecting body and mind, for leisure or those already familiar to everyone. All activities are overseen by a monitor.