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Enrollment at faculties / centers

After registering at the Erasmus Office, students have to register for the courses selected in their Learning Agreement at their host faculty/centre. All incoming Erasmus students must fill out the standard Enrolment Form, paying special attention to the box provided for Erasmus + students, which they will have to check.

The documents needed to formalise the enrolment are:

  • Enrolment Form ("Solicitud de Matrícula Ordinaria"), available at each faculty office
  • Passport or National ID Card (original and a copy)
  • Erasmus student documentation issued by the Erasmus Office
  • NIE (Foreign Identity Number)

Erasmus students are exempt from registration and tuition fees. However, they have to pay the student insurance: 1.13€

Arrival Form

Arrival Forms are completed and signed at the Erasmus Office, not at the faculties or centres. Please note that the confirmation of arrival date will coincide with the registration date at the Erasmus Office.

Extension of Erasmus period

Students wishing to extend their period of study at the University of La Laguna (ULL) must complete the Extension of Erasmus+ Period Form electronically and submit it before the end of the first semester at ULL. This form can either be sent scanned via email to or delivered by hand in the Erasmus Office (C/Viana, nº50). After the document has been sent as indicated, the student must come to our office for new Erasmus details, which will be required for the enrolment procedure in the second semester.

Certificate of stay

Students' certificates of stay or departure forms have to be filled in and signed by the Erasmus Office at the end of their stay.

The starting date will coincide with the registration date at the Erasmus Office. The final date will be that of the day when they come to the Erasmus Office for letting us know they leave our university. It is also possible to write the last day of the semester if students come to the Erasmus Office later than the end of the semester. 

Transcript of Records

At the end of the study period, the host faculty/centre will send the transcript of records (ECTS academic document) with the grades for each course to the home university.

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