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Application deadlines

All sending institutions must forward the nominations of their outgoing Erasmus exchange students to from 15 March to 12 May 2017 (full academic year and first semester) and 13 October 2017 (second semester).

Prospective students wishing to come to the University of La Laguna under the Erasmus+ programme should fill out and send to our Erasmus Office the  Student Application Form  and the preliminary Learning Agreement. You must use our forms, even if you also send the forms provided by your home university. 

For completing your Learning Agreement, you can check the study programmes of the respective faculties or centres with your Erasmus+ departmental coordinator at ULL. Before sending it to us, please make sure that it contains both your signature and that of the responsible person at your home university.

All the documents should be sent to the Erasmus Office, preferably in a single batch through your office, from 15 March and up to 31 May 2017 (for the first semester and the full school year) or from 18 September until 31 October 2017 at the latest (for the second semester). Please send your forms within the time stipulated. Any document submitted before or after the deadline will not be taken into account. 

PLEASE NOTE: We will only accept applications from students who have been nominated by their home university and only once we have received the nomination. If you have not been nominated, please do not submit an application.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO MEDICINE STUDENTS: All the students coming to our Faculty of Medicine must apply for the full academic year, and therefore they must send their documents before 31 May 2017.

All the documents must be submitted by e-mail (scanned) to or by regular mail to the Erasmus Office at the following postal address: Vicerrectorado de Internacionalización, C/ Viana nº 50, 38201, La Laguna, Tenerife – España.

Handwritten documents, or those submitted via fax or any other means than e-mail or regular mail will not be accepted.

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