Máster Universitario en Astrofísica (2021 - 2022)


Departamento: Astrofísica
Área de conocimiento: Astronomía y Astrofísica
Correos electrónicos: extssimondi@ull.es
Asignaturas que imparte en la ULL:
Web personal: http://research.iac.es/proyecto/iacob/pages/en/introduction.php
Categoría profesional: Investigador/a
Formación académica fundamental: Licenciado en Astrofísica por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2000)
Doctor en Astrofísica por la Universidad de La Laguna (2005)
Breve currículo profesional genérico: My research interests are mainly centred on the study of the physical properties and evolution of massive stars (through determining their rotational velocities, stellar and wind parameters, ionizing fluxes and abundances). I have also established strong synergies between this main research line and the study of HII regions and stellar oscillations. My skills cover a broad range of competences in these three topics, ranging from observations to theory, passing through modelling and analysis aspects, and including the ability to design and implement successful observing campaigns and versatile tools for the quantitative spectroscopic analysis of OB stars.
After my PhD at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), and working as Support Astronomer at the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes, I was awarded funding by the Spanish MEC/Fulbright program to lead the project HII regions to reveal stellar properties during a 1+1 year stay at the Meudon and Geneva observatories. After that, I spent 5 years on 2 postdoctoral positions at the IAC, where I took the lead of the Spanish participation in the VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey (VFTS, P.I. C. Evans, UK) one of the most important and productive international collaborations in the field of massive stars (with almost 30 refereed publications in the last 10 years). I also started building the IACOB project, an ambitious long-term project aimed at providing an unprecedented empirical overview of the physical properties of Galactic O and B-type stars. This innovative project allowed by to be awarded in 2013 one Severo Ochoa Advanced fellowship at the IAC where later, in 2017, I became permanent staff researcher. In parallel, my strong commitment to more than 10 international projects over the last 15 years, reinforced by many visits to different institutions in Europe and America (Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Mexico, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA, Chile, and
Argentina), has allow me to consolidate a network of collaborations with world-leading researchers in the three fields indicated above.
At present, I am also coordinator of the working group on physical parameters and evolution of massive OB stars within the WEAVE-SCIP Survey (P.I., Drew, UK) an active contributor to the ground-based spectroscopic observations of O stars and B Supergiants for the TESS mission within the TASC-WP5: Main sequence OB star pulsators (P.I., Handler, Poland & de Cat, Belgium).
Breve currículo investigador: * 85 refereed publications in the world’s leading journals in Astrophysics, including 6 letters in A&A and ApJ, 1 publication in Nature and 1 in Science. Among them, 78 (92%) are in first quartile of impact factor; 17 of them (20%) are first or single author papers (2 letters), on 20 of them (24%) I am 2 nd /3 rd author (1 letter), and in another 20 (24%) I provided an important contribution (4 th to 6 th author, including 2 letters).
* 180 entries in the Astrophysics Data System (ADS), 37 of them as 1 st author. Total citations: 2315, first author citations: 721, author-normalized citations: 458, age-adjusted square-root total-research-impact index r iq = 170, Hirsch index h = 26 (13 as first author).
* 4 th author of the book Oxygen in the Universe. EPD Sciences, EAS Publication Series, Vol 54, 2012 (386 pages; 4 chapters, 1 appendix). Stasinska, G. (editorial coordinator), Prantzos, N., Meynet, G., Simón-Díaz, S., Chiappini, C., and 15 co-authors more.
* Supervisor of 2 PhD thesis (IAC/ULL), 1 BSc thesis (ULL) and 1 (IAC) summer student work. Mentor of 2 postdoctoral fellows (IAC) and 7 PhD students (IAC, Universidad de Alicante, Amsterdam university, UK-ATC Edimburg, Universidad de La Plata).
* 45 contributed talks, 4 invited talks, and 1 review talk in international conferences and meetings. More than 15 talks and seminars in international institutions
* More than 50 observing proposals (half of them as PI) to several 1-10m telescopes accepted by international time allocation committees. Over 200 nights of on-site observational experience with 10 instruments (spectroscopy and imaging) on 5 telescopes at the Roque de los Muchachos observatory (La Palma, Spain).
Líneas de investigación: Astrofísica Estelar, Estrellas Masivas, Parámetros Fundamentales y abundancias superficiales, Evolución, Vía Láctea, Espectroscopía óptica, Grandes surveys, Gaia, TESS
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