Dear friends,

It is an honor for the University of La Laguna to host the 11th Knowledge Cities World Summit 2018.
In close collaboration with the World Capital Institute, the Canary Islands are proud to host this prestigious event.

Knowledge-Based Development is one of the fundamental drivers of sustainable growth in the regions, and the Canary Islands has been betting for many years on its implementation, supported by its public universities, its business development and innovation centers, its entrepreneurship programs and training continuous of its citizens. In all these processes, the University of La Laguna assumes a leading role, as befits any higher education center committed to the development of its environment.

The possibility of having the qualified scientific community in the KBD opens the door to debate, synergies and the progression we are looking for. For them, a very complete program has been prepared, which will deal with topics of great interest and with a great variety of minks and pontenes.

We warmly welcome all visitors on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee and look forward to your active participation in the KCWS 2018.

Looking forward to see you in Tenerife


Rodrigo Trujillo González

Associate Professor at University of La Laguna

Vice-President of Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity

President of Local Organizing Committee

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