TransCanadian Networks

What is TransCanadian Networks?

This networking project is born out of an interest in joining the material, logistic and intellectual resources of seven research groups, four of which have a solid trajectory in the field of Canadian Studies in Spain. Additionally, it aims at continuing and strengthening the international dimension of their research activities, and advance towards more transversal and multidisciplinary modes of research.

The project is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science (RED2018-102643-T). The name TransCanadian Networks (TCNW) has been inspired by a history of academic collaboration between scholars in Canada and Spain through the TransCanada Institute (University of Guelph), directed by Smaro Kamboureli between 2007 and 2013. It is also meant to evoke the kind of transatlantic collaboration we wish to encourage, support and promote.

TCNW has three main Objectives

TCNW is expected to have a significant impact on Canadian Studies at an international level, preparing Spanish groups in the field to tackle and even lead the context of research in Europe. The final objective is for the integrated groups to achieve a larger, coherent size as well as a

solid multidisciplinary character to be able to compete in Horizon Europe (2021-2027).

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