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Área1: Neurociencia cognitiva, afectiva y socio-conductual:

–       Alonso, M., Díez, E., & Fernandez, A. (2021). A set of 750 words in Spanish characterized in two survival-related dimensions: Avoiding death and locating nourishment. Behavior Research Methods, 53(1), 153-166.

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Aréa 2: Neuroimagen y salud mental

–        Coburn, A., Vartanian, O., Kenett, Y., Nadal, M., Hartung, F.… González-Mora, J.L., Chatterjee, A. (2020). Psychological and neural responses to architectural interiors. Cortex, 126, 217-241.

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–        Hernández, S., Dorta, R., Suero, J., Barros-Loscertales, A., González-Mora, J., & Rubia, K. (2020). Larger whole brain grey matter associated with long-term Sahaja Yoga Meditation: A detailed area by area comparison. PloS One, 15(12), E0237552.

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Área 3: Neuropsicología y neurociencia del desarrollo y el envejecimiento

–    González-Burgos, L., Barroso, J., & Ferreira, D. (2020). Cognitive reserve and network efficiency as compensatory mechanisms of the effect of aging on phonemic fluency. Aging, 12(22), 23351-23378.

–    Nemy, M., Cedres, N., Grothe, M., Muehlboeck, J., Lindberg, O., Nedelska, Z., … Ferreira, D. (2020). Cholinergic white matter pathways make a stronger contribution to attention and memory in normal aging than cerebrovascular health and nucleus basalis of Meynert. NeuroImage (Orlando, Fla.), 211, 116607.

–    Rodrigo MJ, León I, García-Pentón L, Hernández-Cabrera JA, Quiñones I. (2020). Neglectful maternal caregiving involves altered brain volume in empathy-related areas. Dev Psychopathol. 32(4):1534-1543.


Área 4: Educación, Diversidad y Dificultades de aprendizaje

–        Acosta-Rodríguez, V., Ramírez-Santana, G., Hernández Expósito, S., & Axpe Caballero, &. (2020). Intervention in Syntactic Skills in Pupils with Developmental Language Disorder. Psicothema, 32(4), 541-548.

–      Alegre de la Rosa, O., & Villar, L. (2020). Calidad de vida, habilidades psicolingüísticas y problemas emocionales en niños y adolescentes con dificultades auditivas. Bordón. Revista De Pedagogía, 72(2), 9-27.

–        Jiménez, J., Seoane, R., García, E., & León, S. (2021). Effects of web‐based training on Spanish pre‐service and in‐service teacher knowledge and implicit beliefs on learning to write. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 37(1), 197-211.

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