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The Doctoral Program in Astrophysics is the result of the merger of the previous PhD in Astrophysics and Physics Doctoral Program Structure of Matter. Both doctoral programs have the Mention of Excellence of the Ministry of Education and Science

Academic direction

Acedemic direction
Fernando Javier Pérez Hernández
  • IAC Winter School
  • Talks and Seminars
  • Congress of Students of the Faculty of Physics (COEFFI)
  • Seminars of PhD Students of Physics of the University of La Laguna (SEDFULL)
  • Stays in other research centers (mobility)
  • Line 1: Cosmology and High Energy Astrophysics
  • Line 2: Exoplanets and Solar System
  • Line 3: Solar and Stellar Physics
  • Line 4: Galactic and Extragalactic Astrophysics
  • Line 5: Structure of matter

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