Research Groups

In the Universidad de La Laguna (ULL) research is carried out by individuals and also by research groups belonging either to the University’s departments or university institutes.

The Research Groups:

  • Constitute the basic structure through which the University’s lines of research are pursued.
  • Become established voluntarily by researchers and other staff members who wish to pursue a particular line of research.
  • Aim to pursue research, development and innovation efforts in response to the demand for technological and artistic products, both within the University itself and amongst wider society.
  • Are characterised by specific lines of research and by the delivery of specific technologies.


  1. Research groups must contain a minimum of two members, one of whom must be a ULL doctoral-level researcher or professor – this includes doctors contracted via public tenders such as “Ramón y Cajal” or similar.
  2. The following individuals may form part of a Research Group: all categories of teaching or researcher staff, research interns, extrabudgetary project staff, pre or post-doctoral collaborators, or external researchers to the ULL.
  3. One of the ULL doctoral-level researchers or professors in the research group, including doctors contracted via public tenders such as “Ramón y Cajal” or similar, will be appointed Research Group Coordinator by the other members.
  4. The aforementioned coordinator will act as the group’s interlocutor. There may be several lead researchers, but only one coordinator. The coordinator does not necessarily have to be a lead researcher.
  5. A researcher may belong to two research groups, but no more, so long as at least one of these groups is interdisciplinary in nature or is an inter-university group.