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The Atlantic Islands PhD programme: History, Heritage and Institutional-Legal Framework is a multidisciplinary research training proposal, offered by the universities of the Macaronesian Region that aims to affirm the scientific validity of island studies and, especially, those of the archipelagos of the middle Atlantic, according to their historical, cultural, patrimonial and legal specificities, understood as a shared island world. Although professors belonging to the 'Legal-institutional framework' line at the University of La Laguna participate in the offer of the other three universities of the Programme, the training offer includes only the first and second lines of the programme

Academic direction

Academic direction ULL
Ana Viña Brito
Academic direction ULPGC
Santiago de Luxán Meléndez
  • Training Seminar 3: Research in the outermost regions and their legal specificities
  • Training Seminar 2: Challenges of cultural heritage research in the Atlantic world
  • Training Seminar 1: Challenges of research in the historical and social dynamics of the Atlantic world
  • Line 1: Historical and social dynamics
  • Line 2: Cultural heritage
  • Line 3: Legal and institutional framework
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  • Avda. Astrofísico Francisco Sánchez, SN. Edificio Calabaza – AN.2D Apdo. 456 38200 San Cristóbal de La Laguna por: C/ Pedro Zerolo, s/n. Edificio Central. Apartado 456. Código postal 38200. San Cristóbal de La Laguna. S/C de Tenerife
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