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The programme offers a broad coverage of basic and clinical doctoral training to graduates in the different branches of Health Sciences and Life Sciences who will contribute to: 1) the promotion of the employability of highly qualified personnel in an area of ​​great social demand and technological innovation, 2) the professional development of postdoctoral researchers in the areas of Health and Life Sciences, 3) the generation of researchers within the national health training system (MIR, FIR, EIR, QIR, etc.),4) the training of university teaching-research staff, and 5) the training of researchers aimed at the biotechnology industry

Academic direction

Acedemic direction
Guadalberto Hernández Hernández
  • Workshop on techniques, procedures and good practices in Research
  • Assistance to research seminars
  • Seminar delivery
  • Follow-up meetings of the thesis project and research results
  • Assistance to national or international congresses
  • Stays in other research centers (mobility)
  • Line 1: Clinical Biomedical Research
  • Line 2: Maternal and Child Health and Adolescent Health
  • Line 3: Public Health, Mental Health and Health Care
  • Line 4: Cellular and Molecular Pathology
  • Line 5: Neurosciences
  • Line 6: Preclinical and Clinical Drug Research

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