Industrial, Computer And Enviromental Engineering

General Information

  • Number of vacancies: 30
  • Languages: Spanish and English
  • Place: Higher Technical School of Civil and Industrial Engineering
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One of the essential objectives for the economic and social development of the Canary Islands is the promotion of research and training in areas related to engineering and new technologies. The aim is to consolidate a scientific and technological system that promotes economic development and facilitates the shift towards a production model based on knowledge. The program that is presented makes a contribution in this sense offering 4 lines of research of undoubted interest for a student with concerns in the scientific and technological field: Industrial engineering, electronic technology and communications; Automatic and system engineering; Computer systems and computation and Observation and modeling of the Earth-Atmosphere system. All the lines are backed by consolidated research teams and with an important international projection that guarantee the quality of the training for the doctoral student.The student will find in this program a platform to deepen in areas of great interest in society. The proposed program will provide you with a high level of training that will allow you to present yourself to the business community as a highly qualified professional to face the important challenges facing society

Academic direction

Acedemic direction
Belén Melián Batista
  • Stays in other research centers (mobility)
  • Training in information search competitions
  • Development of the state of the art
  • Seminar of specialization by research line
  • Workshop by research line
  • Line 1: Industrial engineering, electronic technology and communications
  • Line 2: Systems engineering and automatic
  • Line 3: Observation and modeling of the Earth-Atmosphere system
  • Line 4: Computer systems and computing
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  • Avda. Astrofísico Francisco Sánchez, SN. Edificio Calabaza – AN.2D Apdo. 456 38200 San Cristóbal de La Laguna por: C/ Pedro Zerolo, s/n. Edificio Central. Apartado 456. Código postal 38200. San Cristóbal de La Laguna. S/C de Tenerife
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