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It arises from the need for third cycle training perceived by several research groups with faculty from the Faculties of Law, Political Science, Social Sciences and Communication, Economics, Business and Tourism, and Humanities, with the support of the University Institute of Sciences Policies and Social these Faculties offer a series of degrees and master's degrees that are part of the program, always open to potential doctoral students from other latitudes and training. Several doctoral students of extinction programs at the ULL are also incorporated, such as the Doctorate in Tourism, as well as others in Law or Social Sciences. One of the characteristics of the programme is its interdisciplinarity, which facilitates the interaction of Directors with a very diverse research history. Interdisciplinarity enriches the training of students and gives them a broader perspective than usual when it comes to addressing the research leading to their Doctoral thesis. Currently, connected to the program, a variety of research projects are developed with international, European, national and regional funding, which provide opportunities for doctoral students to join current research.

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José J. Pascual Fernández
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