Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Development and Quality of Life

General Information

  • Number of vacancies: 60
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Place: School of Doctorate and Postgraduate Studies of the University of La Laguna
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The Doctorate in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Development and Quality of Life is a doctoral program of the University of La Laguna. This PhD program has more than 60 researchers in two main lines of research: 1. Nutrition, Science and Safety of Medicines and Food and Control of Tropical and Infectious Diseases and 2. Quality of Life and Wellbeing: Biological Bases and Role of the Health System. The program of 'Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Development and Quality of Life', aims to cover a multidisciplinary postgraduate training space related to Medicine and Pharmacy that contributes to the training of all those students of our Faculties of Sciences and Sciences of Health from its Centers of Biology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Chemistry, etc., which currently do not find accommodation in the existing Doctoral programs and whose horizon is the training in some of the modules and lines that are offered, taking a projection of development of the region in its broadest concept. Likewise, it will house graduates of the African and Latin American Universities, with which the ULL has an agreement and whose relationship in Scientific and Technical training is important for the development of these Universities and their Countries

Academic direction

Acedemic direction
Arturo Hardisson de la Torre
  • Stays in other research centers (mobility)
  • Publication of scientific article
  • Participation in Congresses and Conferences
  • Entrepreneurship and Employability Workshop
  • Seminars and conferences of the program
  • Information search, writing and scientific communication workshop
  • Line 1: Nutrition, science and safety of medicines and food and control of tropical and infectious diseases
  • Line 2: Quality of life and well-being: biological bases and role of the health system
  • Contact information
  • Avda. Astrofísico Francisco Sánchez, SN. Edificio Calabaza – AN.2D Apdo. 456 38200 San Cristóbal de La Laguna por: C/ Pedro Zerolo, s/n. Edificio Central. Apartado 456. Código postal 38200. San Cristóbal de La Laguna. S/C de Tenerife
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