Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

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This doctoral programme has the Mention towards Excellence (MEE2011-0370) granted by the General Secretariat of Universities of the Ministry of Education according to Resolution of October 6, 2011. In recent years, certain scientific areas, such as supramolecular chemistry, molecular biology, surface physics and low temperatures have reached a remarkable development in our country. Research groups have been formed that have achieved an excellent competitive position in the international area. In addition, in a natural way, the very object of research of these disciplines has been converging towards what is called Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Of the strategic importance in R & D of these areas, it is worth noting that these have been prioritized in all the National, European and International Programmes of all the developed countries. In these physical areas, chemists, biologists, physicians and engineers are concerned with obtaining, manipulating, organizing, studying and taking advantage of the properties of objects of nanometric size. To maintain a truly competitive international position in some areas of Nanoscience today, however, requires a level of competence that can only be attainable with a thematic focus and adequate training of research personnel to enable them to acquire the multidisciplinary knowledge that these areas need

Academic direction

Academic direction
Catalina Ruiz Pérez
  • Stays in Higher Education Institutions or Research Centers
  • Preparation and presentation of two formal seminars
  • Assistance to research seminars
  • Presentation of papers in national or international scientific congresses
  • Assistance to specialized specialized training courses (National School of Molecular Materials (ENMM) and European School in Molecular Nanoscience (ESMOLNa)
  • Transversal Training Activities
  • Line 1: Supramolecular chemistry, molecular recognition and molecular self-assembly in Nanoscience
  • Line 2: Crystalline Engineering and Design of Molecular Materials
  • Line 3: Molecular electronics
  • Line 4: Molecular Nanomagnetism
  • Line 5: Applications of Molecular Nanoscience
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