Healthcare Research, Management and Quality

Health Sciences

The objective of this master is to train researchers and experts in health sciences in the social, cultural, artistic, economic, political and psychological aspects of the integral phenomenon of care in the health-disease process of people, families and communities in the different dynamics of socio-health systems, so that their training will enhance and develop healthcare services and promote autonomy and quality of life by developing new instruments in the field of Healthcare Service Management

General information

  • Credits: 120 ECTS
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Methodology: Mixed: classroom-based and virtual
  • Type: Inter-departmental
  • Place:
    • Faculty of Health Sciences. Nursing and Physiotherapy Section
  • Academic direction:
  • Develop techniques and supervise educational activities in health
  • Plan the roll-out of educational programmes in health
  • Acquire comprehensive aptitude and critical analysis on healthcare management
  • Co-ordinate the application of continuous quality improvement programmes
  • Achieve integral training in Healthcare Management
  • Acquire abilities for managing and assessing care
  • Participate in the planning, implementation and assessment of health services
  • Manage social and health resources
  • Develop lines of research
  • Be able to:
  • Develop lines of research aimed at professional practise and/or which act as a starting point for writing a doctoral thesis
  • Manage the resources at hand in any healthcare company
  • Play an active part in planning, implementing and assessing health services
  • Develop useful and efficient skills for managing and assessing care, leading the processes of implementing methodologies
  • Design and implement intervention programmes that allow improvements to be made to care management and in working units, with a participative style
  • Provide integral training in the field of healthcare management, in both the public and the private sector
  • Co-ordinate the implementation of a continuous quality improvement programme
  • Develop aptitude for understanding and for critical analysis of the concepts and methodology of healthcare management
  • Plan the roll-out of health education projects
  • Put health education techniques into practise
  • Supervise educational activities with children, teenagers and adults
  • Identify social needs in groups with different disabilities
  • Appraise different disabilities using different assessment techniques and instruments
  • Identify the different ways of promoting the autonomy of the disabled
    General skills
    • Ability to lead, direct and co-ordinate projects in institutions and with teams in the area of healthcare, assigning priority to time efficiently while, at the same time, maintaining quality standards
    • Ability to respond to patient’s needs throughout the life cycle, along with the needs of the family and community, with the planning, provision and assessment of care programmes, with regard to the main carer, family, community and health and social agents

    Especific skills
    • Develop the instrumental skills acquired
    • Know institutions, bodies and companies associated with the area of specialisation of the Master
    • Pertinent knowledge and ability to apply health planning techniques
    • Ability to represent and defend the interests of the patient and their family. In the clinical and community context, ability to educate, facilitate, supervise and provide support for healthcare students and other healthcare workers
    • Capacity building in the foundations of the management of healthcare organisations and provide the practical tools to achieve senior management skills in the health sector

  • Graduates from the Branch of Health Sciences, Social and Legal Sciences and Branches with similar syllabuses to that of the Master
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