Modelling and Research in Mathematics, Statistics and computing (Joint degree)


Over the last 25 years, mathematical research in Spain has developed spectacularly, taking it up to among the top ten places in the world. This has been driven by the mathematicians of the six universities taking part in the master. The UPV/EHU was last in the 2012 Shanghai ranking, but now Maths is between the top 100-150 in the world. Hence, maths play a leading role in the Spanish scientific system. To keep these positions, or even improve them, we have to train new doctors, bring in new researchers, and the first step after a bachelor’s degree has to be a Master in Mathematics with a research component. This Master covers this manifest need of six universities, as it encompasses subjects aimed at taking the first steps in a scientific career in different branches of mathematics

General information

  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Methodology: Classroom-based
  • Type: Inter-university
  • Place:
    • UPV/EHU, in the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Leioa Campus
    • University of Zaragoza, in the Zaragoza Faculty of Sciences
    • University of La Laguna, in the Faculty of Sciences, Mathematics Section
    • University of Oviedo, in the Faculty of Sciences
    • Public University of Navarra, in the Higher Technical School of Industrial and Telecommunications Engineers in Pamplona
    • University of La Rioja, in the Faculty of Sciences, Agro-Food Studies and Information Technology of Logroño
  • Academic direction:
  • This master is also excellent training for technologists and researchers in other sciences who wish to acquire or up-date their knowledge of mathematical, statistical or applied I.T. tools
  • Students will handle the most widely-used software tools in the industry and in business to simulate processes, to process large amounts of data, to optimise resources, logistics, etc. They will be capable of understanding, modelling and obtaining solutions to the problems that arise in the field of business, engineering and other sciences, and of developing I.T. applications for the numeric simulation of processes that arise in business in general
  • The objective of this university master is to train researchers in mathematics and applications with a high degree of scientific and technical training, with advanced knowledge and practical experience in applications of Mathematics and Statistics and the use of I.T. in R+D+I tasks
  • This master trains researchers in mathematics and applications with a high degree of scientific and technical formation, with advanced knowledge and practical experience of the applications of mathematics and statistics and in the use of I.T. in R+D+i tasks
    General skills
    • Be able to work in a team and manage working hours

    Especific skills
    • Be able to elaborate and develop mathematical reasoning and to extract the essential properties of the different mathematical models and apply them to other contexts. Be able to elaborate models to capture and explain a part of reality, analyse it and study what the solution is qualitatively
    • Be able to solve advanced mathematical problems, planning their solution on the basis of the tools available and the restrictions of time and resources
    • Be able to design, develop and adapt I.T. applications to obtain solutions to the applied models developed and/or run numerical simulations
    • Have the critical capacity to face new software, to understand a new option or new I.T. programme, to install it, harness its new potential and contributions

  • The entry profile is a graduate in sciences (mathematics, physics, bio-technology, etc.) or engineering with a vocation to train in mathematics aimed at dealing with and solving the problems that arise in the field of industry, business, technological centres and other sciences. The master is also indicated for a profile interested in starting a research career in mathematics
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