Renewable Energy

Preparation for professional practise

The University Master in Renewable Energies of the University of La Laguna is an official post-graduate qualification that attempts to meet the significant demand for professionals in the energy industry globally and in the Canary Islands in particular. As there is no specific degree qualification in the area of energy, the demand for preparing students involves acquiring know-how in energy matters from a very basic level if they want to acquire training that is appreciated by the market

General information

  • Credits: 120 ECTS
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Methodology: Classroom-based
  • Type: Inter-departmental
  • Place:
    • Faculty of Science. Physics Section
  • Academic direction:
  • On the other hand, a prime objective of the qualification is to respond to the demand from an incipient productive sector with enormous potential in the Canary Islands that requires support at all levels that the University of La Laguna can offer
  • Communication professionals capable of disseminating contents in a professional and rigorous manner, raising social awareness and generating social demand for these applications
  • Technicians capable of designing and installing systems with technologies in a pre-commercial or commercial state
  • Researchers with scientific and technical profiles capable of tackling research and development projects in university and business
  • Economists and businessmen who know the commercial or pre-commercial technologies associated with renewable energies, capable of designing strategy plans for the public administrations and the socio-economic fabric to develop the industry and capable of driving a suitable financial and business framework
  • Professionals capable of designing and installing systems with technologies in a pre-commercial or commercial state
  • The general objectives of this qualification focus, on the one hand, on offering official university training in the field of Renewable Energies, with well-defined professional profiles:
  • Professional in the field of renewable energies, trained for the planning, design and installation of solar and wind energy systems and to drive the companies in the industry
    Specific skills
    • A command of the basic language of renewable energies and their pros and cons, capable of making estimative calculations of their output
    • Know the market situation of each renewable energy and know how to estimate costs
    • Know the basic aspects of energy production from conventional sources
    • Have the ability to undertake research activities in the energy field, in both English and Spanish
    • Know other energy technologies in a more embryonic stage of development, such as nuclear fusion, hydrogen, fuel cells, harnessing energy from waste or from the capture and storage of carbon dioxide
    • Have the ability to undertake research activities in energy economics and energy accounting and financial work
    • Know how to programme, analyse large amounts of data and use different software for resolving practical cases in the field of energy
    • Know and know how to make numerical calculations concerning electric motors
    • Know how to analyse electricity grids in both static and dynamic lay-outs
    • Know how to issue energy certificates for buildings, energy audits and offer energy services
    • Know how to automate and control energy production and consumption as part of an energy saving and efficiency strategy in both the public and private sector
    • Know how to design desalination and water desalination facilities with different technologies and applying different renewable energy sources
    • Know the systems for predicting solar and wind resources and strategies for integrating them in electricity grids
    • Know the technologies of photovoltaic cells, their manufacturing processes, characterisation and costs and have a command of the associated technical language
    • Know how to design solar and wind farms. Know how to draft technical and R+D projects in the field of renewable energies

  • This Master is aimed at students from scientific-technical courses (science, architecture and engineering)
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