The Universidad de La Laguna is committed to providing answers to many of the enormous challenges that are now being faced as the result of increasingly complex and ever-changing realities. We want to support you throughout the preparation process needed in today’s climate so that you can shape your own personal and professional development.

Technological advances and changing economic and social landscapes are reshaping the way we work, interact with one another, live our lives, and also how we learn. In our pursuit of new social frontiers, we must now overcome new hurdles, which include the need for new types of professional competencies, the role of talent and values, or the emergence of new organizational systems, to name a few.

We are convinced that we can continue to grow together, and in doing so, we can help build a better society.

We want to help you to shape your own future, whether it is related to personal and professional development, finding job opportunities, or building collaborative networks with other individuals or institutions.

Get the training you need to face the challenges presented by today’s changing world

In today’s ever-changing world there has emerged a unique set of challenges that, in order to be overcome, require specific knowledge, skills and competencies. The Universidad de la Laguna is committed to responding to these new learning needs. For this reason, we provide a long list of undergraduate degrees, or more specialised courses in the form of Masters. We also offer complementary education and continuing education to ensure lifelong professional development.

International experiences

At the Universidad de La Laguna, we offer several different international exchange programs that will allow you to pursue training abroad. We offer these types of programs as we strongly believe that an international outlook is essential whenever any solutions are put forward in response to the social complexity we find ourselves living in, both in terms of the values we hold or the professional lives we lead.

Build your professional future

The University Job Centre (Agencia Universitaria de Empleo), run by the Fundación General, can help you define your professional goals and find your place in the labour market.

Live university life to the fullest

There is more to do than just study. At the Universidad de La Laguna, we offer a wide range of cultural activities (theatre, dance, music, debates…), and at each campus you will also find several suggestions on how to get involved in cultural, sporting, or artistic activities run by student groups. These activities and events will serve as a nice complement to your academic experiences and will help you to become a well-rounded individual.