Rector’s welcome message

Francisco Javier García González

Welcome to the Universidad de La Laguna, the oldest university in the Canary Islands. The main campus of our university is located in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, a city that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, however the University also has centres in Santa Cruz and Adeje on the island of Tenerife, as well as on the island of La Palma.

Our university was created in 1792 and since then it has continually aspired towards excellence in teaching, research and knowledge transfer as part of its efforts and commitment towards building a better society for all.

We offer a wide selection of official undergraduate degrees and master’s degrees that, together with our range of doctorate programs, cover all subject areas: the Experimental Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Engineering. In addition to the aforementioned, we also have an extensive course catalogue that includes the University’s own non-official programs and also our university extension courses. Furthermore, we offer a rich mix of cultural activities.

Although the University is firmly faced towards the future, we still value the history and traditions of the institution. They have served to instill both social and professional leadership skills in our students, empowering them with invaluable skills that are of the utmost importance for the development of the Canary Island archipelago and for their participation in dealings at a national and international level. People make places, and it is the people who have either currently or previously formed part of the university as students, teachers, researchers, admin staff or support staff that make it a great institution.

Today, the Universidad de La Laguna is laying the foundations needed in order to be a key actor on the global stage. We are mindful that a university education is crucial for both personal and social wellbeing, and that the promotion of knowledge is the best way to ensure peace and international development.

Francisco Javier García González