Business Administration and Management

Social and Legal Sciences

General information

  • 240 ECTS
  • 4 years
  • 3) Instrumental knowledge: linear algebra, differential and integral calculus, optimisation, financial, mathematics, descriptive statistics, probability, statistical inference
  • f) Information systems
  • e) Human resource objectives and planning
  • d) Investment, portfolio models, financing models, cost of capital and risk and profitability analysis
  • c) Commercial strategy: marketing mix, prices and products
  • b) Company situation and results, cash flow and cost analysis
  • a) Strategic and tactical management
  • 2) Business administration and organisation methods
  • g) Legal system: Civil, Mercantile, Tax and Labour Law
  • f) National and international economy, productive sector, public sector, economic institution
  • e) Elements of Accounting
  • d) Business theory
  • c) Fundamentals of decision-making
  • b) Model for determining income, money, inflation, unemployment, growth and economic policies
  • a) Assignment of resources, price system, theory of consumption and production, markets, economic efficiency and welfare
  • 1) Nature of the Company and its relations with the economic environment.
  • Teaching (Colleges, Vocational Training Centres)
  • Freelance: Technical Management of city works; Improvement & Maintenance Works (Rehabilitation); Valuation & Appraisals; Expert Building Surveys and Reports; Building Control Maintenance; Surveying and Mapping of Estates and Agricultural Lands; Construction site Health & Safety Officer
  • Public institutions: Gobierno de Canarias, Cabildos, Town Halls…
  • Private institutions: Building constructors, Laboratories, Inspection Offices, Planning and Management of Works Health & Safety Plan and Budget
  • On-site supervision and management, which includes checking on: the quality of materiales, the workforce, technical standards & regulations, and certificates and paperwork
    General Skills

      Specific Skills

      • Knowledge of maths and physics
      • A good eye, artistic flair and a regard for aesthetics
      • Teamworking abilities
      • A sense of responsibility and commitment
      • Spatial intelligence
      • An ability to produce freehand sketches, and technical line drawings
      • Abstract and concrete thinking
      • Creativity and decision making
      • An ability to grasp the basics of technology
      • Mechanical comprehension. Interest in mechanical processes
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