Bio-ethics and Bio-law (Joint degree)

Health Sciences

General information

  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Methodology: Semi classroom-based
  • Type: Inter-university
  • Place:
    • On-line. Two week-end classroom-based sessions (Thursday night to Sunday afternoon) a year to be held in ULL or ULPGC
  • Academic direction:
  • Capacity building for professionals to identify the ethical problems in the health area and it is aimed specifically at providing the training necessary to facilitate the creation of Care Ethics Committees (CEA, in Spanish). It is also supplemented with a broader view, as an inter-disciplinary programme has been planned from the very start, ensuring that the academic management and teaching are based on experience and training in different, but complementary areas related to Bio-ethics, Bio-law (Law, Medicine, Research and clinical trials and Nursing)
  • Professionals with an interest in Bio-ethics. It builds specific capacities for being a member of Research Ethics Committees, Clinical Research Ethics Committees, Animal Welfare and Research Committees and Care Ethics Committees
    • Habilidades de gestión de la información (habilidad para buscar y analizar información proveniente de fuentes diversas)
    • Conocimientos básicos de la profesión
    • Capacidad de análisis y síntesis
    • Capacidad de organizar y planificar
    • Comunicación oral y escrita en la propia lengua
    • Resolución de problemas
    • Capacidad crítica y autocrítica
    • Trabajo en equipo
    • Compromiso ético
    • Capacidad de aplicar los conocimientos en la práctica
    • Habilidades de investigación
    • Capacidad de adaptarse a nuevas circunstancias
    • Habilidad para trabajar de manera autónoma
    • Conocer y saber identificar las clases, valor y efectos de los documentos
    • Saber redactar diferentes escritos ante las diversas instancias judiciales

  • Be in possession of one of the following qualifications: Degree or Master in medicine, Degree or Master in Law, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Psychology or other related fields, Graduates in these fields, pursuant to other syllabuses
  • Students are expected to be sensitive towards the values of respect and the dignity of people, without distinction between cultures, creeds or sexual orientation, and committed to improving society
  • Pursuant to DECREE 168/2008, 22nd July, regulating the procedure, requisites and assessment criteria for authorising the implementation of university studies leading to the obtainment of the official qualifications of Degree, Master and PhD in the Autonomous Region of the Canary Islands (ar. 4.5), students must accredit knowledge of a second language, preferably English with a suitable level and in consonance with teaching needs. This level is usually B1
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