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Entrepreneurial Support Office

The Start Ups Project run by Emprende.ull, which forms part of the University Employment Agency, is the result of the University’s strong commitment towards fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in Canary society, supporting start-up initiatives, and sharing the tools, methodologies and know-how that has been developed in order to consolidate the economic fabric of the Canary Islands. Seven years have passed since the Universidad de La Laguna launched Emprende.ull via its Fundación General and during this time it has generated networks and synergies between different socio-economic actors, and accumulated a wealth of experience that now makes us an important point of reference for a host of start-up support services. We continue to strive for a fearless and hopeful society with the skill set needed to envision, develop and implement forward-thinking proposals and projects. We would like to share this vision with you and hope to unite efforts in our mission to foster and consolidate the foundations of an entrepreneurial society.

Section Managers

Responsable del servicio
Samuel Reyes Suárez