University Services

You can access some of the most important university services available to the University’s community via this website. You can find out more about accommodation, Spanish or foreign language classes, or find out what sporting activities are on offer at the University. You can also find out about our library services, or request information from Student Services.

Accommodation Service

Admissions Office

Computer Rooms

Conflict Assessment and Mediation Unit (UNIMAC)

Entrepreneurial Support Office

Information & Advice Service

Information, Technology and Communications Support Service(STIC)

Inspection Service

International Relations

Languages Service

Library Service

Open-source Software Office

Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries Office

Sports Service

Student Support Services

Study Spaces & Computer Rooms

Technology Transfer Office


University Extension Service

User Information & Services Centre

Virtual Teaching Unit (UDV)

Find out more about all of our university services by clicking on the following link (results displayed in Spanish):