Information, Technology and Communications Support Service(STIC)

The Information, Technology and Communications Support Service (STIC) plans, coordinates and manages the general resources that provide ICT technical support for general administrative and managerial tasks, as well as teaching and research activities. These activities have seen the ICT Service transformed into a transversal service that is closely linked to all areas of university life. It facilitates and enhances ICT access, and manages technological resources and services in order to contribute to the goals of the Universidad de La Laguna. Its aim is to establish itself as a service recognized throughout the university community for guaranteeing the continuous improvement of services on offer, introducing new features, improving reliability, increasing the range of available offerings, making access and the user experience easier, and working on other crucial elements that strengthen the University’s position as a modern, efficient institution with an online presence capable of providing a range of ICTs to its users.

Section Managers

Head of ICT Support Service
José Carlos González González

Services available to users

  • ICT Security and Identity Management: Management and roll out of infrastructures, services and applications aimed at improving the security of I.T and communications systems.
  • ICT Infrastructure Management: Planning, management, maintenance and support for data processing centres, communications rooms, general systems, and fixed and mobile storage and communications systems.
  • Work Station ICT Support: Planning, management, maintenance and support for ICT equipment used in managerial and administrative tasks.
  • Publication of Digital Content: Deployment and maintenance of services and systems oriented towards the publication of online content and the dissemination of information.
  • Communication & Collaborative tools: Deployment, management and technical support for tools that facilitate teamwork amongst the different employees and taskforces of the University.
  • ICT Support for Administrative & Managerial tasks: Maintenance, administration, development, management and support of applications used in the University’s administrative or managerial tasks.
  • ICT Support for Research: Support and hosting of ICT infrastructures used for research and supercomputing.
  • ICT Support for Teaching: Management and support services for classrooms and services dedicated to facilitating teaching activities.