ULLmedia is responsible for producing promo videos, informative videos, and educational videos for the Universidad de La Laguna. In the ULLmedia recording studio we offer advice on how to prepare scripts and audiovisual materials, and how to successfully share content across the network.

Section Managers

Director de la Unidad de Audiovisuales
David López Aguilar

Services available to users

  • Training courses for the university community pertaining to the field of Educational Information and Communication Technology.
  • Consultation services and coordination services for innovative educational projects in the field of ICT (Information, Communication and Technology)
  • Videoconferencing service in online learning environments to facilitate virtual teaching in qualifications offering blended learning, or that are 100% online.
  • Live retransmission of events and training sessions over the Internet using our social media channels, YouTube and Facebook.
  • Recording events, classes, conferences and congresses.
  • News reports and promo videos about ULL’s teaching, research and institutional activities.
  • Video pills and educational video tutorials: short videos about a specific subject using a multimedia presentation to support ideas. This involves working with learning objects: sequenceable and reusable.