Technical Attention Bureau

Information on how all of ULL’s telematic applications work is available to all users and covers the how-to’s and workings of the applications: University Entrance Exam (EBAU), Pre-inscription, Self-enrolment, Web ULL, ULL’s online digital platform, Student Portal, Study Portal, University I.D Card, and other ULL services. If you have any queries you can contact us directly using our free telephone service that includes a voicemail service, in both cases your question will be answered promptly. You can also contact us via email or via the ULL’s online digital platform. It is also possible to perform certain operations via your User Profile, such as requesting password reminders. We can also consult academic transcripts and data on behalf of a student via the Universitas XXI software, however in order to comply with the law we will require such requests to be put into writing and accompanied by a photocopy of your national I.D card. Our students, from the moment they enrol to sit the University Entrance Exam (EBAU) right through to completing a PhD with us, are supported by the Student Portal, a tool that is updated daily. This tool is host to ALL the information that you may request via telephone or email so that it is always readily at hand.

Section Managers

Technical Attention Bureau Manager
Jesús Pérez Martínez