Drug Delivery Systems

Dr. Ricardo Reyes Rodríguez

Assistant Professor


ORCiD, GoogleScholar, Scopus

Bachelor in Sciences and Pharmacy Universidad de La Laguna (ULL)

PhD in Biology and Pharmacy Universidad de La Laguna (ULL)

Master Degree in Biotechnology Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)

His research has focused firstly in the comparative study of the development and differentiation of the pituitary gland in vertebrates, as well as in the regulation that different peptides exert in the reproductive axis in mammals, especially the neurotensin peptide. Later, in the postdoctoral period at the Canary Cancer Research Institute, his research activity focused on the creation of a molecular bank of DNA and protein, from breast and colon tumors, for subsequent studies, and in the study of the influence of certain length polymorphisms present in the androgen receptor and its relationship with the susceptibility to develop breast cancer in the Canarian population. Since 2009 he work in the group “Drug Delivery Systems”, where his research has focused on the development of therapeutic strategies for local application, using different biocompatible materials (natural and synthetic polymers) as sustained release systems of growth factors and, as cell support, for the repair and regeneration of critical bone and cartilage defects in in healthy animals and in osteoporosis models.