University Institute of Neuroscience

Who are we?

The IUNE has the MISSION of promoting and carrying out top-level cognitive, social, clinic, and educational study, offering scientific infrastructures to foster cutting-edge advances in neurosciences and developing cooperative translational research of excellence and internationalization. 

IUNE’s VISION includes obtaining worldwide recognition as a leading center in research and scientific and technological innovation in neuroscience, moving forward the multidisciplinary activity quality and vanguard.

Our AIM is to contribute to society’s well-being by applying knowledge and technology derived from our research.

IUNE’s Strategy is to reinforce the synergies between basic and applied research to accelerate cognitive neuroscience research of excellent by designing new intervention methods in the fields of health, education and improvement of society.


The IUNE arose from the structuring project NEUROCOG funded in 2010 by the Canarian Agency for Research, Innovation and Information Society (ACIISI), the European Union, and the Excellence Campus of the ULL, through a competitive call aimed at identifying and developing major scientific lines of research in the Canary Islands.

NEUROCOG marked the launch of competitive R&D projects on cognitive neuroscience, and applications to education and health. Also, it laid de foundation for scientific collaborations among excellent research groups and the so-called “Neurocog Colloquia” that scheduled regular lectures and seminars by outstanding local and foreign researchers as a multidisciplinary meeting point. This first impulse provided fertile grounds to consolidate a multidisciplinary group of excellent researchers from Psychology, Education, Health, Physiology and Engineering with the common goal of becoming a leading Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, and having translational impact on clinical, educational and technological fields to improve wellbeing in society.