University Institute of Neuroscience

International Doctoral Trainees

The Institute of Neuroscience hosts talented and motivated researchers and students who want to join our center throughout the year. It welcomes national and international candidates at any stage of their career from a wide range of disciplines related to neuroscience.

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Reviews from some postgraduate researchers working at IUNE:

Francesca Vitale (Italia)

My experience in IUNE: I am Francesca Vitale, a PhD student at the Psychology Department of La Laguna University and I work at Instituto Universitario de Neurociencia (Lab Neurocog). I achieve both my bachelor and master degree at University of Bologna, Campus of Cesena. I am grateful, of the opportunity to transfer at IUNE, to work on the project “Estimulación del lenguaje de acción en el Sistema motor. Un estudio de neuromodulación sobre el lenguaje corpóreo” by means of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques, under the supervision of Professor Manuel de Vega Rodriguez.

Bo Liu (China) 

 I come from China. I started my doctoral project at IUNE of ULL since 2018. I’ve been working on language acquisition and comprehension. My current research line is psycholinguistics, specifically, the neural mechanisms of language processing. The teachers here are very professional and supportive, and the colleagues are very friendly and cooperative. Moreover, I like the nice weather and scenes on the island and I enjoy working with people in the university.

Gu Beixian (China)

My name is Gu Beixian, a Ph.D. student of psychology from China. I obtained my bachelor’s degree at Dalian University of Foreign Languages and my master’s degree at Jilin University. I have been studying at the University of La Laguna for almost three years. My research direction is psycholinguistics and the main research method is carrying out psycholinguistic experiments. I have completed three experiments here with the help of my tutors and colleagues. Everyone is so kind and friendly and the school facilities are excellent. It has been a wonderful experience that I will always cherish in my heart. 

Biomedicine constitutes one of the sectors with the greatest socio-economic impact in our environment. In the last decades there have been significant advances in the different disciplines implied in this field, which have enabled to deepen the knowledge of the human organism, the fundaments of biophysics and biochemistry. As a result, a powerful biomedical sector, which requires highly specialized professionals in the public sector as well as in the private one, has emerged.

This program intends to offer quality education to postgraduates, directed to biomedical research training, potentially useful for Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Pharmacology, Medicine, Chemistry and Psychology in the University of La Laguna. Likewise, it is an opportunity for graduates from Spanish and foreign universities to continue the academic training in these fields.

The programme of Doctorate in Psychology by the ULL has the purpose of training doctors in different fields of psychology. Through the doctoral programme, students will be able to obtain theoretical, technical and practical knowledge necessary for advanced research in four main areas: Clinical and Health Psychology, Neuroscience of Cognition and Emotions, Language Psychology, Education and Methodology, and Family, Social and Community Intervention and Mediation.