Institute of Biomedical Technologies

ITB Proteomics service (ProITB)

Proteomics and other -omics quantitative analysis has become extremely complex and is a basic tool in life sciences. In response to the increasing demand, the ITB-Proteomics Service (ProITB) created the -omics data analysis Service which main goal is making complex data simpler to interpret by the researchers. Data analysis is performed using free software (MaxQuant and Perseus) which integrate statistical analysis and other capabilities as exporting data to other online databases (String, Panther) and creating plots ready to publish.

Our offer of basic analysis include:

  • Statistical differential expression analysis and volcano plot.
  • Sample correlation or reproducibility test, principal component analysis and hierarchical category analysis.
  • Gene Onthology category enrichment test (Gene onthology biological process, molecular functions, cell compartment, pathway).
  • Post-translational modifications (PTMs) identification and quantification, phosphorylation motif enrichment analysis and kinase prediction.
  • Advanced analysis as time course expression analysis, identification of expression profiles and clustering of patient samples using learning machine analysis.

Standard service schedule

Starting: first contact, experiment discussion including experimental design, sample processing and instrument analysis design.

Preliminary data: the experiment has been done and we perform an initial data analysis and discussion with the researchers. At the end of this phase main data analysis goals are clearly defined.

Results: complete data analysis is carried out where final conclusions and plots are generated in close collaboration with the researchers