Institute of Biomedical Technologies

Scientific advisory board

In accordance with the current Internal Regulations, the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is composed of at least three internationally reknown scientists, experts in Biomedicine, with no direct relationship with the ULL or with other higher education or research centres in the Canary Islands. The current composition of the SAB, which was renewed at the end of 2018, is:

  • Manuel Carreiras Valiña (Director of the Basque Centre of Cognition, Brain and Language, San Sebastián)
  • Brian Harvey (Professor Emeritus of the Department of Molecular Medicine, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin, Ireland)
  • Mads Hornum (Professor and Clinical Investigator in Nephrology, Copenhagen University, Denmark)
  • Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte (Professor at Salk Institute of Biological Studies, La Jolla, California, USA)
  • María Isabel Loza García (Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Santiago de Compostela)
  • Elisa Martí Gorostiza (Research Professor at the Molecular Biology Institute in Barcelona, CSIC, Barcelona

This committee conducted an evaluation visit between the 29th and 31st October, 2019, during which the SAB attended presentations by the coordinators of each of the ITB programs, and from selected principal investigators. The SAB visited the new ITB building and had the opportunity to meet with PhD students and postdoctoral researchers at the Institute. Finally, the SAB held evaluation sessions behind closed doors and submitted a final report to the management team with recommendations for the Institute’s strategic plan as indicated below. The SAB highlighted the achievements of the ITB in recent years, with a special mention of the new interactions established between basic research and clinical groups, and the Institute’s success in attracting funding and international collaborations.