Institute of Biomedical Technologies

Strategic plan

Between October 29th and 31st, 2019, the ITB was visited by its scientific advisory committee (see above), who made a series of recommendations regarding the institute’s strategic plan, which together with the strategic analysis carried out by the management team, resulted in the formulation of the following short- and medium-term objectives:

  • Setting up of the new building’s facilities (management spaces, common service laboratories and animal facility). It is foreseen that the common management and service areas will be functioning during the first half of 2020. The ITB plans to participate in competitive calls for scientific infrastructure funding at the Regional and National level for the equipment required to set up the animal facility.
  • Re-evaluation of the structure of the ITB’s research programs to adapt them to the current situation of the Institute and to favour the synergies between research groups.
  • Maintenance of the requirements to access or keep the PI category and implement measures to recruit new group leaders.
  • Support for funding applications by each group and coordination of applications promoting the Institute’s activities and services, including applications to fund infrastructures or for accreditation as a Centre of Excellence.
  • Promote translational research based on synergies between basic and clinical research groups, and on relationships established with companies in the relevant technological sectors.
  • Strengthen national and international collaborations through the organisation of visits and seminars of researchers from other centres.
  • Active participation in the training of researchers by supporting the ULL’s Biomedicine and Health Sciences Master’s and Doctorate programs, promoting interactions between PhD students and ITB’s postdoctoral researchers through joint scientific sessions, and by establishing mechanisms to support the recruitment and scientific development of researchers.
  • Dissemination of health and biomedical knowledge through the organisation of local outreach events and interactions with patient associations.
  • Strengthen interactions with the Bioavance Foundation of the Regional Government of Tenerife to achieve the aforementioned objectives.