Institute of Biomedical Technologies

External evaluations

  • External evaluation report prepared by the evaluation committee appointed by the European Commission after the end of the project.According to the regulations of the call, REGPOT program’s projects of the European Commission (EC) had the option of undergoing an independent evaluation of the quality and global research capacity by an international experts’ board appointed by the EC.As indicated in the call (European Commission C-2011-5023), “the results of this evaluation should be discussed jointly with the representatives of the national agencies and regional authorities to determine the most appropriate ways and methods to preserve the “excellence” of the beneficiary institution and explore its contribution to regional and european sustainable development ”. The evaluation will use the appropriate means of the beneficiary institution, in order to facilitate the activities of the experts. This will include: (i) Mobilization of the available means and human resources; (ii) Organization of the evaluation committee visits; (iii) Organization of the meetings proposed by the evaluators with the members of the project’s steering committee and its external advisory committee; and (iv) Reception of the results and presentation to the main stakeholders at regional and national levels.After the activities developed by the evaluation committee between March and May 2016, on May 16th and 17th the results of the evaluation were discussed with the different academic and social agents, presenting a summary of the final report and the recommendations of the evaluation committee.

Executive Summary

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) conducted a comprehensive site visit of the ITB on November 29-31, 2019. During the visit, the SAB attended scientific presentations by the Program leaders and selected Group Leaders and visited the ITB facilities. In addition, the SAB met with postdoctoral and predoctoral researchers. Furthermore, the SAB carried out a closed evaluation session and a final executive session to present recommendations to the ITB Director, Professor Tomás González Hernández and discuss future plans for the ITB. The SAB was impressed by the ITB’s accomplishments over the past several years. In particular, by the creation of a biomedical research community with local medical practitioners, and the ITB’s success in securing supporting grants and international cooperation.