Institute of Biomedical Technologies


Contingent on the development of biomedical research of excellence, with a translational outlook and focused on the regional biomedical needs, the specific objectives at the ITB are:

  1. To design and execute research projects in the research areas established within the Institute, implementing a management system and a research agenda fully orientated towards producing results.
  2. To organise, design and participate in interdisciplinary master’s and doctorate programs, staff training courses, seminars, congresses and other training activities at the institute.
  3. To establish effective mechanisms aimed at attracting high calibre research, technical and administrative staff, and in retaining and enhancing the institute’s human resources.
  4. To establish collaborations with other research centres.
  5. To collaborate with the manufacturing sector in the development of biotechnological applications to address specific problems, driving innovation, knowledge and technology transfer.
  6. To implement healthcare innovations designed from the outcomes of clinical and epidemiological research.
  7. To communicate and disseminate biomedical information and advances, helping create a favourable culture for scientific progress.