Institute of Biomedical Technologies

Vision and mission

The vision of the ITB is to promote biomedical research of excellence, with a translational foundation, aimed at addressing the social biomedical needs of our region. The mission of the ITB can be summarised as the use of interdisciplinary approaches in basic medicine, medicinal chemistry and clinical research that will facilitate the transfer of biomedical knowledge and technology to patients and industry.

From the outset, one of ITB’s main goals has been to establish synergies between the existing biomedical research entities in the region, in order to consolidate a competitive and sustainable biomedical research space in the Canary Islands. Among other initiatives, the ITB has coordinated and designed strategic pluriannual plans and funding applications to national and European calls. Many of these have been designed in conjunction with other regional institutes and research centres in order to establish common research projects, and to establish significant scientific infrastructures and equipment.