University-Institute Women Studies

About us


The University Institute of Women’s Studies of the University of La Laguna (IUEM) was created in 2007, from the previous Center of Women’s Studies (CEM), created in 1995. The IUEM perpetuates and widens its work, activities and objectives. It also joins and allows lecturers and researchers from the University of La Laguna whose interests are addressed to Women’s Studies and Gender Theory.


To achieve and encourage researching, and to teach at the postgraduate degree on Women’s Studies.

To train researchers on Women’s Studies, and to cooperate with the university’s departments in all of those teaching activities related to this field.

To contribute to the development of knowledge on gender studies, to publish its results, to facilitate the access to that information, and to promote its diffusion..

To provide counseling to public and private institutions, as well as to those scopes of decision in which the gender question is relevant.

To create a social structure that is aware of the research from a gender perspective, and a cultural dynamic that contributes to the elimination of inequality.