University-Institute Women Studies

Spring courses

Purple Spring

May 23-25, 2023

Purple Spring

May 16-20, 2022

Progress on Gender Equality and 2030 United Nations Agenda

April 22-23 2021

XXI IUEM’s Spring Course

Journeys: Purple Spring 2019

March 11th 2019

XX IUEM’s Spring Course: Women and Cultural Creation: Rewriting the canon with a gender perspective

May 8th 2018
XX IUEM’s Spring Course: Women and Cultural Creation: Rewriting the canon with a gender perspective from 17/05/2018 to 22/05/2018.

Workshops: Purple Spring

March 16th 2018
Purple Spring: Journeys about society, androcentric culture and musical expression in the 19th century.

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XIX IUEM’s Spring Course

 April 25th 2017

XVIII IUEM’s Spring Course

April 5th 2016

20 Springs. Two decades of women’s studies and gender in the ULL

April 21st 2015
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IUEM’s Spring agenda

March 30th 2015

UEM’s Spring agenda 2015

XVII Spring Course: “Sexuality, Equality, and Human Rights Policies. Open Debates about Human Trafficking and Prostitution”

March 11th 2014

The XVII Spring Course by the University Institute of Women’s Studies will deal with the topic “Sexuality, Equality, and Human Rights Policies”.

 It will take place from the 24th to the 28th of May of 2014 in the Salón de Grados de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Información (Guajara Campus. University of La Laguna)

XVI Spring Course: Gender, Economy, and Society (April 2013)

March 26th 2013

The University Institute of Women’s Studies of La Laguna organizes their XVI Spring Course with the theme of “Gender, Economy, and Society”. It will take place on April 10-11, 15-16. and 22-23 of 2013 in the Aula de Factoría de Innovación y Creatividad Docente (Building Torre Profesor Agustín Arévalo, 1st Floor. Central Campus. La Laguna University), and in the Salón de Grados de la Facultad de Filosofía (Guajara Campus. La Laguna University).


Module 1

  • Wednesday, April 10th.Feminist look into economy.AMAIA PÉREZ OROZCO (Autonomic University of Madrid)
  • Thursday, April 11th.Crisis seen from a feminist economy.AMAIA PÉREZ OROZCO (Autonomic University of Madrid)

Module 2

  •  Monday, April 15th:The right of a personal, working, and familiar life conciliation after the 2012 reforms.DULCE CAIRÓS BARRETO (University of La Laguna)
  • Tuesday, April 16th:Women’s employment and work on the management policies of the crisis.MARTA JIMÉNEZ JAEN (University of La Laguna)
  • Monday, April 22nd:From conciliation to co-responsibility. Questioning the reproductive work as economic inactivity.ELISA PÉREZ ROSALES (Equality Agent)
  • Tuesday, April 23rd:Co-responsibility and usage of time: a feminist approach.OLGA MANDUCA GÓMEZ (Equality Agent).

We remind you that the modules of the Spring Course are independent and each of them will take 10 hours to finalize. Assistance is free. Early inscription on

XV Spring Course: “Women and Literature”. Transformative speeches

April 17th 2012
The XV Spring Course of the University Institute of Women’s Studies this year will be dealing with the topic WOMEN AND LITERATURE, and it will be a tribute to the professor Isabel García Gálvez, a former member of our institute.

 It will take place from May 7th to 11th, 2012.

Gender, Knowledge, and Investigation

April 13th 2011

In the framework of the International Year of the Scientific Women, which coincides with the centenary of the Chemistry Nobel prize to Marie Curie -Marja Sklodowska-, and with the International Year of Chemistry, the main objective of this activity is the education and sensitization in the matter of gender, knowledge and investigation. To be clearer, from an interdisciplinary approach, we will present and debate different analysis about gender, science, university, and knowledge building, along with national and international policies for a favorable intervention on gender equality in this area. Furthermore, this activity is also aimed for the visibilization of researcher women in different branches of the ULL, and in other Canarian organizations of investigation, and to know the gender perspective in their field of work.

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